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Erki Group

Our engineering group consist of both internal and external recourses. We can start from an idea or a semi-finished product. We use standard CAD tools. Dedicated prototype line allows us to deliver prototypes within days.

Thick Film
MicroComponent uses automatic handling systems in conjunction with printing and firing to manufacture high-quality thick film in any required quantity. High-speed laser trimmers enable the company to manufacture circuits with passive and active trimming and low temperatures at low cost.

MicroComponent has state of the art equipment for all relevant segments. We have developed cost effective processes, using automatic machines in conjunction with standard machines. MicroComponent has three automatic SMD assembly machines, providing the highest possible flexibility in terms of the quantity and variety manufactured.

MicroLine is thick film in combination with photo processing. Radical new technology meets the needs of dense packaging, with considerable potential for development in performance with cost terms. MicroLine makes us unique in the market for RF applications in high and low volumes.

Chip & Wire Bonding
The company uses automatic chip and wire bonding machines to manufacture high-quality electronic modules in both large and small qualities, ready for fast delivery. MicroComponent’s wire bonder enables the company to produce wire thickness of 1-20 mils in aluminum or gold. Die bonding from 4 - 8” wafers.  

Customized LED devices

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